3 Quick Tips - Lease Assignments and Subletting

Everyone knows someone who's had to break a lease, you know, LIFE happens..

If you or someone you know needs to either asssign their lease or do a sublet, follow these three tips to keep the stress in check and get it done:

Know the Process - Notify your landlord and find out EXACTLY what is required to carry out the process

Price Aggressively - you will be directly competing with your landlord and the general market - your pricing and incentives will have to beat the competition

Market Right - people looking for short-term rentals are not on the major platforms (streeteasy, trulia, zillow etc.), they are looking on facebook groups, leasebreak and word of mouth. So make sure to hit up the right platforms

While some are capable of handling this process themselves and may find success quickly, many have trouble. Please feel free to reach out to me to get this done ASAP.